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What is TERRA Foundation:

   The foundation - in full TERRA Foundation for environment protection and education makes multimedia teaching and demonstrating materials which help forming a view of environment protection and learning biology. These materials - besides publications appearing on CD-ROM - are made to be available by the Internet, this server serves also for this.

About the foundation in details
CD-ROM - Hungary's Plant Life
What heve we worked on, what we are working on now, our plans... (Plant lexicon and others...)

Hungary's Plant Life The Gömör-Torna karst Cyanid contamination on the Tisza
Click on the image to view the plant lexicon with photographs showing the Plant Life of Hungary. Click on the image to view the material showing the Gömör-Torna karst and the Aggtelek National Park. Cyanide and heavy-metal contamiations on the Tisza in spring 2000.
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Programs to download, corrected, Win9x version of the operation surface of the CD-ROM By clicking on the image you can view the image of the day Offer 1 per cent of your personal income tax for supporting our work

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We have got this server as a result of the application announced for supporting civilian organizations by the Government Committee of Information Science of the Prime Minister Office within the scope of the Széchenyi Project.

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