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Projects of the TERRA FOUNDATION

Completed projects:

  • Hungary's Plant Life 1st stage

    The aim of the Foundation's first project, "Hungary's Plant Life" is double: on one hand it acquaints plants living in the territory of Hungary with inquirers, helps in identification of some unknown interesting plants, on the other hand it serves as teaching aid material for students of biology too. The theme of the project embraces the majority of the Hungarian vascular flora. Our aim was to assemble a computerized plant encyclopaedia available for everyone, which contains all substantial information, including the photo and the description of the plant, image and text informations concerning its habitat, about plants living in Hungary. By the aid of the encyclopaedia program we can search among plants, habitats or plant communities, so we can soon identify a plant, unknown for us upto that point, already by some observed characteristics. The material of the project is available both on the web and on CD-ROM too.

    Sponsors of the project:

    City Radio, 92.3MHz
Imaging Corporation
    Raiffeisen-Unicbank, Debrecen Branch
    Debrecen, Vár u. 10.
     Central Found for Environment Protection 

    Photographers of the project, who has helped the Foundation with more than 6000 selected photos:

    Csaba BARTHA, Sánrod BOLDOGH, Jr., dr. Zsolt ERDEI, Gusztáv JAKAB, Enikő KIS, Attila MOLNÁR, dr. Miklós NAGY, Zsolt RAKSÁNYI, József SULYOK, Róbert VIDÉKI, Szilárd ZÓLYOMI, István ZSOLDOS

    Producers of the program of the CD-ROM: dr. Zsolt ERDEI, Szilárd ZÓLYOMI

  • Introduction of the Aggtelek and Gömör-Torna karst

    On this page we try to give an inside view to the beauty and the wildly romantic nature of these regions of our country, and we hope, we can make you interested in personal roaming of the region. We are confident that on these pages you will find many things, which you would like to know about the region, its plant and animal life, the Aggtelek National Park, which is situated here and the caves of the region, and perhaps you can find important informations for preparing a tour too. Have a good browse!

    The project was sponsored in part by:

    Central Found for Environment Protection

  • Cyanide and heavy metal pollutions on the Tisza in spring 2000

    On these pages we try to show the effects of the large scale Romanian contamination waves befallen the Tisza in the winter/spring of 2000, paying a special attention to showing the intact Tisza before the contaminations as well. We hope our assemblage will give food for thought for everybody, and we together try to do our best against the repetition of this.

    The project was sponsored by:

    Central Found for Environment Protection Purpose Allowance

    Currently running projects:

  • Mushroom World

    Walking in nature we can find innumerable mushrooms one more beautyful than the other, we would like to assemble a mushroom guide of full value. Of course our page cannot replace the skilled expert on musgrooms before the consumption of one basket of piched mushroom, but it wants to help by all means to pick only edible mushrooms into the basket...
    The project is financed from the offered 1 per cents of personal income taxes.

    Projects in preparation:

  • Wonderful Nature

    Walking in nature day by day occurs an unrepeatable moment, we disclose a bunch of these recorded moments for everyone.

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