What is the TERRA Foundation for?

The TERRA Foundation or by its entire name The TERRA Foundation for Environment Protection and Education is to create tutorial and presentational materials in order to provide the understanding and/or studying of biology. This server has been connected up to help the Foundation with the publishing of its product on the Net.

Our first project : Plants of Central Europe

he project aims to realize two goals: on one hand, to make the peop le interested in it known to the plants that are in their surroundings, and help s them to identify a certain species of plant, and besides, it is a useful mater ial for the students of biology in their studies. It is important to mention tha t all the pictures and texts are based upon the flora of the Carpat-basin.

And who's support is vital for our projects

Our sponsors


Raiffeisen-Unicbank, Debrecen, Vár u. 10.
City Rádió, 92.3MHz
Imaging Corporation
Superb Imaging tools for C/C++,Delphi,VB and more...

Headquarters of Foundation

dr Tóthmérész Béla
Balogh László
dr Erdei Zsolt
Sárközi Botond

Our photographers

They gave us more than 6000 wonderful photos

ifj. Bartha Csaba
ifj. Boldogh Sándor
dr Erdei Zsolt
Jakab Gusztáv
Kis Enikő
Molnár Attila
dr Nagy Miklós
Raksányi Zsolt
Sulyok József
Vidéki Róbert
Zólyomi Szilárd
Zsoldos Istvánr

and lot of free workers, students...

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